Entry 1

I am a daughter, a sister, a spouse, a client, a therapist, an artist, an author & illustrator, a nature lover, a spiritual being, a student of life and more.
As a daughter & sister, I experienced the challenges of being part of a large & blended family with a mixture of healthy and dysfunctional interactions.
As a spouse, I experienced the ups & downs of being in a committed relationship and sharing home & life responsibilities.
As a client, I spent hours working through my personal and relational issues to help me take better care of myself as well as to assist me to better relate to others.
As a therapist, I heard numerous stories of biological, relational and/or environmental hardships for which I helped clients make sense of their issues and facilitated their healing processes.
As an artist, I struggled to accept my abilities and to give myself permission to create yet powered through these to be able to experiment with various mediums and to make art “for art’s sake!”
As a writer & illustrator, I felt led to create this first book to give back to others–to help caregivers and mental health professionals learn from my invaluable work experiences and to take a risk sharing my creations with the world at large.
As a nature lover, I am daily in awe of this amazing & complex world we are blessed to live in with its diverse landscapes and creatures.
As a spiritual being, I believe in a higher power who is our creator and sustainer throughout our lives and beyond.
As a student of life, I am continually open to learning new things about myself, others, the world and more even when things may be hard to grasp mentally or emotionally.