entry 3–for MH professionals

Part of the reason I created this book was to help you as Mental Health professionals to have a more hands-on resource to use with caregivers and their families. The book provides detailed directive and interactive tasks to do in session or as homework. We as professionals sometimes have a tendency to be too wordy or heady for our clients. It is advantageous to take a step back to see things from our client’s point of view and to reach them where they are.
As MH clinicians, we benefit from sharing resources to build our professional toolboxes as well as our sense of community as professionals. Engaging in creative and/or playful activities helps us to get out of our heads and to relate with our hearts. We also need reminders that we are on this journey together. Sometimes we need outside persons to help up gain perspective on how we treat each other and how we function within our own family.
Our clients profit from being told what they are doing well—highlighting their strengths such as their resiliency, perseverance and courage. You might observe an interaction or hear of a quality that is positive; unless you point it out, your client might not see it or realize its value. Our job is to build on these strengths to facilitate the rebuilding of their family’s foundation.
Once you have a workable rapport, our job is then to gently stretch our caregivers’ perspectives and styles of parenting, coping and interaction with their children. It is helpful to remind caregivers that we have all come from dysfunctional families made up of flawed, imperfect yet wondrous and complex human beings who have similar needs for shelter, food, clothing, love, acceptance, belonging, opportunity, control, fun, etc. We are made to grow and evolve personally and relationally.
Hopefully my book will help you focus and guide your families to healthier connections in the present and for generations to come. You make an invaluable difference in people’s lives. Thank you for your commitment to serving others. You are truly a magical change maker!

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