About the Author

13235694_577336902443635_8313419661534244384_oI have been working in the mental health field for 25 plus years. I have primarily worked with children and families to help children to remain in their homes. My commitment to education and supervision have helped me to gain Licensure as a Professional Counselor. This allows me to provide counseling to a broader range of people in the mental health field.

Separate from work, I am an artist. I enjoy working with a wide range of media with preferences for mixed media and clay/ceramics. The visual arts provide a meaningful outlet for me to express what I am feeling, as well as to play with lines, shapes, colors, space and textures.

I live with my partner of 28 years in the Harrisburg, PA area with our 2 cats. In my spare time, I enjoy napping, reading, writing, eating and flower gardening. I have a strong sense of spirituality and respect for the sacredness of life. My journey has taught me the benefits of love, faith, grace and wonder.