Ms. Stone has created a playful, and yet insightful, roadmap of positive parenting in this interactive workbook for caregivers.  The daily tasks she assigns parents and nurturers of all kinds are lovingly connected to what she calls the ABCs of family connections.  Stone provides gentle, positive, and common sense suggestions for interactions between children and caregivers that will no doubt have profound impact on both.

Dr. Bruce L. Moon,  ATR-BC, LPC, HLM

I heartily recommend the ABC’s for Rediscovering Family Connections workbook for all families and professionals working with families! The pages provide a colorful and encouraging doorway into being deliberate in the care we take with our children. It is easy to be swept up in our busy lives, morning, noon, and night, with all that is asked of us. This workbook provides a pause to remember and cultivate what we most deeply wish to pass on to our children. Affirming them. Engaging in memory-making. Creating quality time. It even comes complete with coloring pages! Betsy Stone has created a gem of a book, overflowing with easy to understand wisdom, and delightful to digest pages. Fabulous!

Rachel Awes, psychologist, author, art playgroundist, & speaker, at rachelawes.com

“Parents, keep this book where you can look at it daily. Study a new page each morning, soaking in a few of these valuable thoughts, and then enjoy the results of your growing family connections.”

Jim Fay, Co-founder of the Love and Logic Institute, Inc.

Excellent Workbook! I could see this workbook, in the hands of a skilled therapist, being used to stimulate connection and conversation between parents and their children about many of the basics of life and relationships.

C. Wayne Jones, Ph.D
Center for Family Based Training &
Bala Child & Family Associates


Betsy Stone’s book ABCs for Rediscovering Family Connections: An Interactive Workbook for Caregivers is a “must have” book for both caregivers and the professionals who help them. The suggested prescription tools for caregivers described in the book are both sophisticated and yet simple to apply. Many of these ideas and parent-child interactions have been proven to be empirically effective when used in my Family Therapy Model-Ecosystemic Structural Family Therapy. You also will be amazed at their effectiveness.

Marion Lindblad-Goldberg, Ph.D.
Philadelphia Child and Family Therapy Training Center Director, Clinical Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.